Why is courtship and dating important

05-Jan-2018 11:07

God calls us to be stewards, and I view myself as a steward of the heart and purity that God gave me. Even though we call this a courtship, we go on dates, sometimes in a group, sometimes just the two of us.I believe that I am to guard my heart and not give pieces of it away with relationships. We get to know each other through these interactions and have had great talks. – This is one of the funniest comments I had from someone: “Isn’t it always awkward to try to be moving toward marriage? Having marriage be the purpose of our relationship opens up many conversations.

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Having a purpose for your relationship is critical: God does not ask us to make many plans in our heart, but to listen to His purpose (Proverbs ).We are careful in our touch, and we listen to the people we love and trust when they have a suggestion. – Courtship does not always end in marriage just as dating does not always end in marriage. We have learned how to just be ourselves and take each day’s challenges in our stride and work through them together as best we can. Relationships are a blessing, and a way for God to work in us and teach us compassion for others. – My parents and my boyfriend’s parents are heavily involved in the relationship, because we asked them to be.This doesn’t mean we are legalists and anti-affection, but that we are careful to remain pure and holy in God’s sight. It’s different for everyone, but courtship allows both parties to be able to talk about whether the relationship is going in a direction or staying stagnant. We are learning how to take the serious bits of life and find the God-given joy throughout. Life can be hard, therefore relationships are hard, but if you look at the blessings and joy that come from them, they balance out every difficult thing we go through. They do not control us, but they give us wisdom when we ask, advice when we need it, and direction when we are lost.From Creation, God created one woman for Adam, He did not give him a handful to choose from.

God knew who Adam was to have, and He gave her to him.I was not interested in the “date a bunch of people until you know what you want” theory, as I just saw it as a chance to have my heart broken time after time.