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The two split in 2000 however but remain friends, and over the next three years Hurley was rumored to be with a number of men, most notably with Stephen Bing.In 2002, Hurley gave birth to a son Damian with the billionaire businessman.“She could have handled her departure more crisply,” a senior Google official says. I’m going to try and have a relationship with you guys.’ ”Sandberg set up twice-a-week meetings with Zuckerberg, on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons. And she’s much better at that.”When Sandberg arrived at Facebook, she admits, some insiders had a “sense of trepidation” about her.Sandberg began work at Facebook in March, asking questions and listening. Today, her workstation, in a cavernous room, is a few feet away from his and the three other senior executives who share connected desks: Cox; Mike Schroepfer, the chief engineer; and Bret Taylor, the C. They wondered whether she was too corporate, and she was stepping into a company—and a Silicon Valley culture—dominated by men. “There was this open question: Could we make money, ever?She plays the uber glamorous and polished Queen Helena in The Royals.Yet Elizabeth Hurley looked worlds away from her character's glamour as she filmed the scenes at Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire on Tuesday.

People at Google tried to persuade her to stay, pointing out that Facebook’s chief financial officer would not report to her and that she would not be invited to join its board of directors. Later, Sandberg would tell people that Facebook was a company driven by instinct and human relationships. Sandberg seemed to have insulted some of her former colleagues. “All that stuff that in other companies I might have to do.

“One day she came home from school and said, ‘Mom, we have a problem.

You’re not ready to let me grow up.’ ”“I said, ‘You’re right.’ The minute she said it, I knew she was right.”Sandberg went to Harvard, where she majored in economics and took Lawrence Summers’s class in Public Sector Economics.

Last year, Damian appeared alongside his mother in The Royals, playing spoiled German monarch, Prince Hansel, who has begun a new career as a reality star.

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2007, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, knew that he needed help.

On weekends, Adele says, “we schlepped the kids to rallies.”The Sandberg children attended public school, and Sheryl was always at the top of her class.