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The analogy is silly, he says, and circumventing the topic again he goes back to taking about being surrounded by like-minded people at drama school. ” I say that I am interested because I imagine it is an exciting time, a turning point in a young actor’s career.So, after drama school, what was it like for a young actor auditioning and landing their first TV part? Leaving Liverpool, moving on and starting to work was “a natural progression”, Evans says, and that is all he is willing to say.“Ya, surprised but supportive,” he says, closing the subject down. Evading the question, he gives the analogy of a driving lesson to illustrate the difference between drama school and acting in the real world.Evans was almost finished his threeyear drama course when he left to start working, but his first film never saw the light of day. “You can take lessons but you only know when you get out behind the wheel.He is happy to talk about , the gripping ITV thriller which aired last year, and co-starred Irish actress Genevieve O’Reilly. It’s based on a great book by Blake Morrison, and a great adaptation…it was a lovely job.” He is also positive about , the Irish comedy/drama he starred in alongside Andrea Corr and Colm Meaney. It was just a great, great group of people and a beautiful setting. We shot up North just outside Belfast and on the Isle of Man and it was just a great time.” It was while on set that Evans and Andrea Corr started a relationship that lasted for four was only when we made it and everyone started asking me questions that I thought about it.” Unsurprisingly, as Morse is such an iconic British TV character, the series has attracted media attention, which I doubt Evans has enjoyed.“I actually feel incredibly grateful for the exposure,” he says, somewhat surprisingly.

“I don’t really want to focus on that to be honest. I was working away at the time in the US and my agent gave me a call and said ‘what do you think about this?Evans was born in Britain, but he has family in Tyrone and Dublin and visits often. ” No, I explain, but I do want to know where the instinct, the urge or the desire to act came from? It may sound flippant but it was what I wanted to do… I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go to drama school and I went.

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