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01-Nov-2017 01:59

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"Communities are small and people work long hours," she says. "I've gone to so many hunt balls this year, I've become a bit of a joke among my friends.

"There are amazing men out there who want a wife and children but feel as if they've been sitting on a tractor for the last 10 years and haven't met anyone." Charlotte, however, is socially proactive. But it's rare to be introduced to a new face and even if I am, the likelihood is that they'll know my friends." For many rural communities, the hunt ball is an annual highlight, organised ostensibly to raise money for the local hunt, but presenting locals with a rare opportunity to dress up and swing each other around on the dance floor.

But the rise of the internet has drawn millions to window-shopping online.

“This isn’t the worst time of year to buy or sell, it’s the best,” says television property expert Sarah Beeny.

Liam Humphreys is the CEO of Fremantle Media UK Unscripted, overseeing Boundless (Hannah Wyatt MD), Talkback (Leon Wilson MD) and Thames (Richard Holloway MD).When we think of addictions, the ones that take a toll on the body spring to mind: tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

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However, starting a relationship with a lie—now matter how “harmless” it may seem to him—takes away from the woman’s ability to use her own discretion and decision-making power and therefore erodes trust.… continue reading »

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“In Australia, men are more conscious about their hair and clothing.… continue reading »

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This means that even people who weren't looking to cheat could have been on the list.… continue reading »

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Some delays, disorders or disabilities didn’t show up until early infancy, the toddler years or in some cases, not until the kids are school age.… continue reading »

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