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Almost immediately, Ashley wanted Eric to get on MSN, another online instant messaging service that allows real-time exchanges with both text and video, and to chat via webcam with her. And she said, ‘Oh, my little brother broke it.’” Eric, now 15, has never before spoken out about how easily he was convinced to trust a total stranger online.

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Another begins a conversation with Norton’s online persona, claims he’s fifteen and sends webcam photos of his privates. They’re trying to build a friendship with the child, build their trust and to get that child to trust them. Once it goes from good to bad, they really don’t know what to do. And their biggest fear is that ‘If mom and dad find out about this, I’m going to lose my computer.In December 2011, Martin pleaded guilty to ten counts of Internet luring and possession of child pornography.He was sentenced to prison for two years less a day.Instantly, she believed that Ashley was not just another attractive teen girl. He just kept saying that you know, it was a conversation that he was having with someone and that everybody talks like that and that it wasn't any big deal.” But as Shea showed him how Ashley Matthews’ profile seemed less like a real person and more suspicious, Eric was devastated “I was kind of like, ‘What are you talking about? “I looked at the profile and right away I knew it wasn’t a real profile.” Together, Norton, Shea and Eric embarked on a journey to expose and stop an online predator. He had to find out who was hiding behind Ashley Matthew’s profile and he had to act fast before this individual switched their online identity.

“The picture of the girl seemed very posed and then when we looked deeper, there were no other personal photos and all of the friends that she had were young boys,” Shea told W5’s Sandie Rinaldo. Like, I’ve been talking to this girl for three days now. “And then I realized that I should have taken like an extra ten minutes to look at her profile.” Shea worried about how many boys were being tricked into falling for “Ashley Matthews” and going down an even more dangerous path. With Eric’s permission, the detective took over the teen’s Facebook account and started chatting with Ashley Matthews. They know how to manipulate our kids and they do it every day. After a month of undercover work, Norton discovered “Ashley Matthews” was a 38-year-old elementary school teacher named Stephen Alexander Martin. resident had taught in Durham Region public schools since 1998. He knew how connected they were to social media,” said Eric. It just became that much worse.” Martin was charged with luring, invitation to sexual touching and child pornography offences.

He is part of an Ontario Provincial Police joint taskforce called “Project P” – the “P” stands for child pornography.

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