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Snowdrop is a fan-made animated short based on My Little Pony Friendship is Magic by Silly Filly Studios.

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A filly named Snowdrop is the only one in class with neither a partner nor a presentation, and Mrs.Before she can elaborate, the bell rings and class is dismissed. Windith expresses concern that Snowdrop is working alone, but the filly assures her that it's alright. At her cloud home, Snowdrop is sad, putting herself down and calling herself useless.She doesn't want to go to the Spring Sunrise for fear of the princesses laughing at her.Windith's class and their families, thanking them for the gifts they've presented.

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Before one of the gifts can be chosen as the "Centennial Symbol", Snowdrop and her mother arrive to present Snowdrop's gift: a crudely made snowflake.

A close-up on Snowdrop shows her receiving her cutie mark, a flower with a snowflake on top.

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