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13-Jan-2018 22:13

However it is a good idea not to be too enthusiastic “traditional” Finnish food – most Finns do not have “traditional” food anymore since it requires too much preparation and moreover it is rather bland because of the long winters required most food to be soured, salted or dried to preserve it.

Only a few things, such as rye bread and sour milk or "piimä" are still used.

So if you are looking forward to socialize with the Finns, here are a few points you can keep in mind about Finnish men.

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Traditionally, the oven is heated with firewood, but electric sauna ovens are almost as common.

Almost every Finnish house has a sauna – here, it is not considered to be a luxury.

Located in the northernmost part of the world, Finland is an amazing country, endowed with natural beauty and hard-working, no-nonsense, well-educated people.

The men especially are quite interesting to know, once they are able to get past their initial reticence and open up to you.

And the most that they will do when meeting a stranger is to shake hands.

Depending on the situation, Finns' personal space is from one to two meters, at the very least.

So don’t be surprised if a Finnish guy doesn’t greet you with effusively – like hugging or kissing your cheeks.

Even if Finnish men take time to open up to foreign women, once past the initial barrier, you can have the time of your life, partying with them.

On weekends, after the usual round of entertaining or dancing is over at the restaurant or nightclub, Finns go to something called "jatkoille" or “continuations".

In the sauna, there are several ascending wooden benches ("lauteet") for sitting, typically three or more levels, with the highest place being the hottest.

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