Exguis video

13-Aug-2017 15:53

This mod was the only one that updated, so I have to assume this is the cause.Frackin Universe is the only other one that touches the codex GUI, so maybe there is a conflict? It's possible to make the description boxes taller as well?It only did support about 10 races (Elithian plans to add 10)I am looking if I can somehow update this but I don't think it will work in it's current format for 1.3 so don't get [email protected] @randomvalue Yeah Elithian has it's own codex.config, as do other mods.

My navigation console map has shifted about 5% below its natural position once this mod updated today.If you have more issues please use the Bug reports thread.I'm having a similar Eo F error, and I'm torn between deciding if it's Extended GUI or Enhanced Storage causing conflicts with other mods, causing the end of file error.So the new Ex Gui .patch method is patching them instead of the vanilla one.

Codex modding is a pretty messy affair as a whole, mods that edit it are rarely compatible.Maybe if you're ok with your codex files being a modders resource we could use your old .config as a base template we can edit and re-publish, that way everyone's using .configs and it still overwrites properly for people who don't want Ex GUI.

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