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Seems to me that we have a huge problem with people who have narcissistic personality traits.Maybe that’s why when people go on trial for crimes for which they have been caught in the act of committing, they still will plead not guilty.Get yours here in the upper right side bar or click this link~ Emerging from Broken The Beginning of Hope for Emotional Healing This website, the security and back-up system and other monthly costs are maintained through donations. I’ve cut ties with my neighbors recently just because of the fact that no one could respect me the way I am. She was still going at it so I finally stood up for myself and gave her a piece of my mind. The same woman came to me saying hi as if nothing had happened the night before. She sent me an email to apologize, which I accepted but I did tell her that I was born in that country, I will always be a part of it, and by insulting me, you’re also insulting my boys who happened to have dual citizenship.You might be surprised with the amount of comments and the high traffic rank this site has, how few donations there are. I have been verbally attacked in parties at their house many times because of my nationality. I was no longer polite nor was I willing to be nice. My husband who was outside was called in to try to calm me down. I know I’m going on and on about this but standing up for myself and actually letting people know about their disrespect is something I’m still working on. Especially when no one else shares that passion to break through silence with the truth.When I decided that I mattered, I didn’t stand up to people in hopes of changing them. When I ‘don’t engage’ today it means that I don’t bother trying to convince them anymore. I didn’t stand up for myself until I realized that my self-esteem depended on me and not on them.They might have broken it, but it was up to me to fix it.If you find that the subject matter I am writing about resonates with you, get this book today!This 197 page, downloadable, printable, live linked e-book will put you on the fast track to healing. The next day we had our block party for the 4th of July.

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Everything that I find about this problem has to do with advice regarding ‘acceptance of others’ and how we can’t change anyone else.

I don’t get it; it seems that the solution “out there” is always about acceptance of the people who are doing the damage, and then taking responsibility for YOUR part in it.

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