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Provider is fully liable to operator, third parties and subscribers for a failure to comply with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including law on communication, licensing and license agreements, patent law, intellectual properly rights, copyright and related rights.

Mobile Internet Portal Mobile Internet Portal is an information and entertainment portal that allows users to get lots of interesting and useful information right from their mobile devices anywhere where there is Wi-Fi or mobile internet.

All first time users get 3 days’ free subscription to their chosen category.

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Contacts: Voice Changer Voice Changer is an entertainment voice portal which allows you to totally change your voice by applying different funny effects to make prank calls.The fee will be charged until incoming calls are blocked.The full amount of daily subscription fee will be collected upon service activation, subject to sufficient account balance to cover the fee.After the call, your friend will receive an SMS from Golosolomka saying that he/she has just been played a prank.

To use the service, dial *5* and then the number of the contact you want to play a prank on.Premium subscription Premium subscription includes all categories except for ‘History in detail’.