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The pair had a relationship, and when Betty became pregnant, her parents sent her to Louisiana to live with relatives and to have the baby.

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Samuel Timothy Mc Graw was born in Delhi, Louisiana, the only child of Elizabeth "Betty" Ann D'Agostino, a waitress, and Frank Edwin "Tug" Mc Graw Jr., a star pitcher for the New York Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies.Listed below, in chronological order, are the auction results for real estate property sold in 2014-2017.Please note that information will be available after the property closes, approximately 30 or more days after the auction date.According to the owner of the restaurant, the 41-year-old married father of two ordered the .99 George’s steak - a 16oz cut of beef topped with grilled mushrooms and red onions - which he washed down with a couple of vodka shots.

Gerstner’s father, Louis Gerstner Jr, 71, became the CEO of IBM in 1993.

Most recently, the 41-year-old served as president of the Gerstner Family Foundation, providing education opportunities to underprivileged children, the In 2011, the charity reported million in assets.