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Plus, I have this wonderful job that allows me to write it all down. I write it all down, put it in the bottle, and throw it into the ocean because it doesn't belong to me anymore. He was funny and we talked on the phone for a while before we saw each other in person. So, we connected on that level first and then, by the time I saw him and was in his presence, what I loved about him was that he always knew he was who he is.

Florence: You have expressed your deep love for Lil' Wayne. He exuded so much confidence and control over his life, his business and I saw how the other men around him respected him.

In this captivating, candid interview, Karrine exposes the truth behind the video vixen persona, Lil' Wayne, and much more. I think regrets are things people make up in their heads. Everything turned out exactly the way it was supposed to. So, there's nothing there to regret and there's nothing to regret about sharing.

Florence: If you could squash one misconception people have about you, what would it be? Never regret sharing your journey because that helps other people in theirs, so no one should regret that.

Since exploding on the literary scene in 2005, Karrine's explosive tell-all book, bestselling authors, Karrine is now set to clear her name once and for all.

Although haters and gossip magazines are quick to label her as a bitch or hoe, the electrifying beauty has not let the false reputation of being 'Superhead' or a video vixen stop her from becoming one of the world's most famous, successful female authors and entrepreneurs of our time.

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Her scorching-hot memoir, set for release on June 2, Vindicated: Confessions of a Video Vixen, Ten Years Later, is slated to become another bestseller and is the final story of Karrine's secret life experiences that she has kept hidden from the world until now.

The rapper dropped a new song last night called “Take Kare,” with Young Thug and raps that women (including some of his exes) are just jealous his girl is where they want to be and living the life they want to live.